Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Latest Group News

Latest groups:

So we have our Magic Carpet Community Choir all sorted for Thursday nights (15th & 22nd 5:30-7:30pm) later in December and then the Tuesday mornings in the new year. 

Penny from transition Exeter will be at the Hub running a great session from noon on Friday 9th December. More details to follow.

We have a plan to squeeze 60 university students into the hub on Friday afternoons!!! Sardines anyone?!

Yoga Babies is going to carry on in the new year starting mid January. Hurray! Thank you Nikkie.

If you are interested in selling quality baby things at the Baby Fair's second hand sale on 8th December 10:30am-2:30pm, let me know. You can drop your items off any time from now. 

If you would like to come to The Craft Hub's Crafty Swap on the evening of 8th December book through their website

I met Suzy from 10000 Pictures this morning (twitter: @10000pictures). She came into the hub with her girls to explain to me what it's all about. It's a very exciting animation project and I am looking forward to getting the hub involved in some way. 

We were so busy today at lunchtime. Lots of people came to join Rach at Knitting group and there were lots of children too as their schools were shut. There was a real buzz although my finger knitting pupil stood me up :(  

My Goldmother came by today (she's my godmother really) to pick up her special order from Knitter Jenny. It is a knitted boy doll for her grandson Jack. She looked really pleased and is now waiting for a knitted Jamie which will mean all five of her grandchildren have one of Jenny's dolls on Christmas day. 

Tomorrow is our works/building's Chistmas do. It feels very odd to be celebrating Christmas already. I am going to be a goody goody and go to bed early :) But bring on the Chocolate tart! Mmmmm.

Tomorrow we are going to start our hub advent calendar washing line (in class it was someone who did something special who got to open it - I think we may have the same rule at the hub). If there was a window to open today I would let Rach and Jane open it. Rach was such a sweetie to me when I had a few tears after a sleepless night with my poorly Lottie and Jane, who can read me like a book, came by (it must be that sixth sense of hers) to hand out cuddles. 

Chutneys are still flying out the door. If you would like to pick up something for the festive season give me a shout or pop in on Friday.

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