Friday, 4 November 2011

Cake, Cake and More Cake

Isn't it amazing how cello bags and ribbon can make already delicious biscuits look even more enticing. Come and see my cello/ribbon combo at the fair tomorrow at the hub. Mum has made her lemon drizzle cake, chocolate brownies and added my grandpa's favourite Russian toffee. I have made coffee & walnut cake, chocolate chip & vanilla marble cake, honeycomb, Nana's biscuits and flapjack. Margaret has made gingerbread and apple and raspberry cake. Zoe had better bring some Victoria sponges or her weekend will be a miserable one! And the list goes on. I love our hub community. And luckily I love cake!

Tomorrow's fair is starting to take shape and the wonderful thing is this is only fair number three. Every time they get bigger and easier and a lot more fun as a result. Tomorrow Margaret will have a mosaic activity on her table, Dad will be splicing with rope (can you splice with anything else?!) or you can get creative by decorating a canvas bag with our special fabric pens. If you iron it when you get home it fixes the dye. Mine has been through the wash many times and I still love it. Or you can came and relax, eat cake, drink tea and see what's going on. 

Today was a very special day. I had a lovely session at noon. Lots of regulars popped in and (Kim if you are reading this) we stitched...well David and Sophie stitched. Jenny (who is mum-in-law to one of our favourite cafe customers) dropped by an impressive amount of impressive knitting for the fair tomorrow. She has made all sorts and they bought such pleasure to all our afternoon visitors. Lottie has already bought (a perk of helping set up) a fabulous knitted doll called Heidi. She has pale blue dungarees and a blue hat and if she wasn't tucked up with Lottie I would photograph her for the blog. Sue came in to talk Tai Chi and we have planned a taster session for January. We had more Argentine tango dancers in to inspect the floor. Then the afternoon brought a succession of fascinating people from The Devon and Exeter Institute including Darren who has been asked to write a piece on Notaries House which is attached to the hub and where we have two floors. I told him all about Deborah who came in to visit us. She was the lady who came at three weeks old to Notaries House maybe 60 years ago as her grandmother lived there - she had wonderful stories about the place. I hope they will get in touch so Deborah's memories can be recorded. Our last visitors were so familiar but I couldn't place them until...
"Oh I know...Cullompton?"
"Cafe Sustian?"
"Bathbomb making workshop?!"
"Yes that's it!"

It's a small world.

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