Tuesday, 1 November 2011

The Moss Stitch Challenge

We made collographs today at Lisa's Craft Session. I was so busy creating my masterpiece that I completely forgot to take any photos. But it was lovely to stop for a bit and so something special. It always takes me a while to settle but when I do I just love it. I made a lion in the jungle printing block (collograph) which Lisa has taken home to cover in paint to make it water/ink proof then next week we can start printing with them. Lisa has changed things around and it's going to be great. She has moved her sessions to 12 noon on Tuesdays so pop-up cafe time will run alongside the Lisa's Craft Session. It means that if you come in for coffee you get entertainment!

Cafe time at noon was full of characters today. Davey came in for the first time with his son. Davey is the James Bond of the walking world. I am still slightly puzzled as to what he does but it sounds very exciting, its based in multiple counties and involves the outdoors. He also talks in riddles. 

Alan came in on his way to the Institute next door. He is a trained carpenter so loved all the features of the building and Richard if you read this he loved your research. He also taught me what a bolection is. I am going to be so good at pub quizzes and dinner party conversation as there isn't a day that goes by where I don't get taught something special from someone who walks in (and that I think is a double negative). 

Sophie and Thurza came in for a play and then we were joined by Ian and Pam who are the community gardeners in the secret garden at the end of the Cathedral Green. 

I love all the people I meet. Later on two wonderful sisters came in who told me all about the community projects they have been involved in in Bristol. An amazing community quilt that took two years to create and meant such a lot to so many people who were involved in its creation. I am going to hunt down this quilt which is currently tucked away in storage. 

Lots of contact today with people who would like to be involved in The Hub or use the space. I remember from the cafe days that at first you think you are going to rattle around in the place for the months to come, but slowly word of mouth brings people to you and you get busier. That's so exciting. The future looks great. 

Tomorrow its Knit and Natter at noon so my moss stitch challenge ends. 

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