Friday, 18 November 2011

To be honest...I welled up a bit!

I am loving suddenly seems to make sense. It works really well in complementing what we are doing face to face at the hub on a virtual platform.

If you are a Twitter user you will know about #FF. If you aren't a tweeter you may not. Every friday you can use #followfriday (#FF) to suggest people to follow. It is an endorsement, a compliment or a pat on the back. Look at it however you like but it means a lot. 

Today The Hub on the Green got two #FFs:

From Penny (Transition Exeter) -   - Lovely people - Fab craft events :-)

From Catherine (Echo Reporter)   because of what they are doing for the community in  city centre (and for Joey's great coffee)

Today was great again at the hub. We had lots of people come in for the first time. Some who want to book it, some to look at the ceiling, some because they wanted to join in. Perfect!

meeting Steve from the RSPB
the party that is Wriggle Rhythms
Dad popping by unexpectedly to join the coffee time
David planning his Jam stall
my successful finger-knitting! I CAN KNIT!!! (Hear that Rachael? Hear that Jane?)
Trisha keeping her patients waiting (so I gave them a tour of the hub as they came in)
Meeting Peter and Jenny from the Institute (I will find out what job he does that makes him so interested in the ceiling!)
Singing Peter popping by with or without posters!
Zoe and Peter's enthusiastic cleaning up of the Wriggle Rhythms aftermath (thank you)
Meeting a friend of an old school friend. Isn't it amazing who knows who?
Unexpected overnight visit from Crazy Cousin William

Here are some photos from Wriggle Rhythm

Look at Thurza's face in the background! - Love it!

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