Saturday, 26 November 2011

Our Christmas Cake and Craft Fair

I was too busy and having too much fun to take a lot of photos. That seems to happen...but I take it as a good sign.

I loved being on the making table - we had lots of badge makers and I so enjoyed the glass etching. There were three families that really got stuck in. Phillipa, her and son Finn were brilliant and then later on we had Tara, Tom and Sophia and their dads and then Becs who handily left hers at the hub so I used it as the demonstration model. 

Phillipa's glass etching 
Brilliant Brownie badge number 1

Brilliant Brownie badge number 2

Leo is very proud of his Ben 10 badge

Adam and Rosie are brill badge makers too!

Lucy's perfect penguin 

Tom's fab alien badge (but the photo won't rotate!)
There are three people without whom the fair wouldn't happen. My mum Rachel bakes all week and then runs the pop up cafe without a break and then does all the washing up. Rachael (Little Stitch) organised the raffle and ran stalls for other people as well as her own. She is a joy to have around and so kind. Lottie wouldn't have had any lunch if Rach hadn't shared hers (I only just found that out) and then Lottie who ran her stall all day but also sets up with Mum and me on the Friday and then puts up with a lot of chaos at home in the run up to the day. Lottie, Rachael and Rachel you are brilliant and I really appreciate all that you do to make the fair such a success and such fun in the process. We rock!!!

Becky...a message: Barbara comes to every fair and buys a whole cake for Sunday with her friends. She walked in and asked if we had saved her a cake. And guess what was waiting for her on the table? So thank you. It was meant to be! But I did forget to take a picture of your glass :(

Lovely Shaker Makers goody bags

Olly and Sophie were showing their badges
but showed me a cuddle instead :)
Rach's fab sign
We had some new sellers today and everyone sold something. We had glitter wall hangings from Sonia, jams from David (I bought the raspberry), Norch's chutneys ( I bought the fiery Christmas chutney x2), Penny's knitted phone covers, Fleurs booties, Geraldine's pickles as well as Jenny's knitting, Rachael's stitching, Kim's jewellery and all my bits and pieces. 


  1. I am cross now because I just wrote a long comment then pressed the wrong button and lost it :-(

    what a fab day! We really enjoyed our trip into town (although Exeter was stupidly heaving and the hub was the only safe haven!)

    I loved my 5 min break from being a mummy while doing my glass etching...bring on the martini!

    sophie and ollie were v sweet posing for your photo...

    and I was v glad that my cake sold!

    Well done everyone :-) x x x x

  2. Looks brilliant and wish I could have been there instead of Ipswich but next time I will be :)