Thursday, 26 January 2012

Friday at the Hub

Matwork Pilates with osteopath Teresa Thirwell 9:45-11:45
Wriggle Rhythms 11am -12noon
coffee time at noon -1:30pm
Sling Meet 12noon-1:30pm 
Beat the Blues (Women's Network) 2pm - 4pm
Tai Chi 6:30pm -8pm
For all of the classes/events above you can just turn up although it is nice to let your group leader know you are coming and nice for you as they can greet you by name. 

I will be around all day. The Tai Chi is the perfect way for me to start the weekend and after sleeping so well last weekend and feeling so good afterwards, I will be there again tomorrow. It's my Lottie's birthday party this weekend so I will need a good sleep to keep up energy levels for Sunday's party which for the first time in ages we have a fabulous venue for. Loving the hub!

Tonight KABU are delivering the cookies I bagsied. I am ridiculously excited!

Hannah and Pip from The Craft Hub have organised another amazing event. This time it is for CRAFT SWAP for Oxfam's International Women's Day. If you have a Facebook account click here. If you don't, hang on and more info will be on the way or when you pop into the hub ask for more details. It will be from 10am -1pm on Thursday 8th March. I know some people have to be at work and I am sorry if that means you miss it.

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