Monday, 9 January 2012

Getting into the swing of 2012

Monday morning...well this week is going a lot better than last week. Last week was a bit of a shock to the system after a holiday but this week everything is flowing much better.

Peter Kyrke-Smith (choir leader) and Rob Wynne (from Magic Carpet who organised the choir) popped by to have their photo taken for the piece in the Echo next week. The photographers are always really clever and this one managed to fit in the people in the foreground and the roof too. But this means all the photos are taken in that 'up the nose' way. Next time I have a hub, I am going to have one with an amazing floor so the photos are a little bit more flattering!

I am starting a scrapbook of all our adventures at the hub. I used to do this when I was small (and not so small) and I love looking back at them. If anyone likes glueing and sticking and fancies helping - give me a shout.

It was nice to have Peter and Rob stay for coffee time (or hot water time in Rob's case). We had all sorts of people in for coffee. I like it best like that.

The afternoon was a blur. I am trying to sort out signs for outside the hub. Not easy when it is a Grade 1 listed building and as my blackboards keep blowing down, I need a cunning plan as soon as possible which is sympathetic to the Cathedral Close. If anyone has any bright ideas, I would love to hear them.

This post is turning into a begging letter.

I am planning to hang some perspex sheets inside the hub with the hub events written on them. Dad has the perspex (curtesy of Scrapstore) and he is going to drill holes in them so I can hang them without having to put any holes in our walls. Fingers crossed on that one! It's really difficult to keep people up to date with what we have going on at the hub and as the days fill up with exciting things, I need to find an easy and effective way to display the diary.

Make and Take Club (for 5-11 year olds) started again this afternoon. I have left my cameras in the hub so no photos today but it was brilliant as always. We were knitting and everyone did a great job. We had toast today instead of jam sandwiches. It is amazing how much toast children can eat, especially toast-monster Olivia! I will post photos tomorrow.

I bought some fabulous patterns at the weekend. They have raised a smile or two today. I am starting a knitting pattern library like Jan started at the cafe and these are my first entries. If only I could knit!

It's knitting group on Wednesday at noon if anyone would like to come along.

Darren took some brilliant photos of the hub's ceiling bosses today. I am going to make a booklet using them so people who want to know more about them have an easy reference and can have a good look without giving themselves a sore neck. Thank you Darren.

The other star of the day was Sarah from Kiss and Bake Up (best cinnamon M&M cookies ever) who dropped off a box of jam jars for us. I was supposed to meet her at the end of the close but missed the call so she dropped them off. Brilliant baker and lovely lady. If you haven't seen Kiss and Bake Up before do take a look at Sarah's website - she is an amazing artist and creates amazing things with cake ingredients.

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