Monday, 23 January 2012

Starting the Hub's Week

Sometimes I get really anxious - a little bit panicky about the hub and I need a little kick to remind me just how lucky I am. I start early and by home-time I am often running on empty. It's only when I come home and write up the day on the blog that I realise that it's all good. 

But it's quite a big job...and I often make mistakes...lots of them but what's lovely is there is always someone to give a nudge. Today it was Amy who wrote on Facebook that I had two different times for Arabella's Babychino group tomorrow - so I fixed it. If she hadn't said, I wouldn't have known. So to be clear Babychino is 1:30-3:30pm tomorrow. 

In the same vein, the man who sent me an online manual for my ancient bread maker (for free and I'm still not sure what he gets out of it) sent a little note at the bottom of the email telling me that the link to my website wasn't working. I like it that there are people keeping an eye on us at the hub...I need it. Please keep it up. 

I am off to make a cake in a minute. Darren, who helps us all the time by taking photos, washing up, giving guided tours and lots more besides...has been volunteered to take some photos of the choir tomorrow for Magic Carpet. My photos are terrible. My camera can't cope. It was Darren's birthday today so cake seems like an appropriate thank you. 

Make and Take Club was dragon-tastic today. Lisa Purchase came with her printing press and lots of wallpaper and the children rose to the challenge as always. 

Facebook status...I must have managed 3 pieces in the puzzle at lunchtime. Dionne brought in cake which was perfect as it was Darren's birthday (and I didn't bring cake but I did give him birthday soup). Yoga babies was lovely and busy, Make and Take Club had new members and we printed fabulous dragons for Chinese New Year. And at this very moment Janette will be at the hub running her active birthing classes. Another busy one.

Tomorrow at The Hub on the Green:
Community Choir 10am - 12noon
coffee time at noon - 1:30pm 
Craft group with Lisa Purchase at noon - 1:30pm
BabyChino Baby Group 2pm-3pm

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