Friday, 20 January 2012

Friday @HubOnTheGreen

This week has been a landmark week for me. I have seen the hub getting close to full flow and although it keeps me running around like a fool sometimes and I clearly need to build up some stamina it is becoming what we wanted it to become.

Today started with Pilates with osteopath Teresa Thirwell. I couldn't go to the course as I was looking after next door but it sounded good from outside the door when I listened in for a bit. Then there was a swift changeover to Sophie's baby fair and coffee morning. She had made incredible marshmallow cakes. I had a meeting but walked in at 11:30am and it was such a lovely atmosphere. Lots of parents and babies relaxing together. I hope this is going to be the start of a series of Sophie (under one roof)'s sales/coffee mornings. It is a lot of effort to set up and pack away a baby coffee morning and baby sale inside an hour. I know there are some offers of help coming into the hub and maybe this may be the place to help. David (jam maker) turned up at exactly the right moment and was a gem as he helped moved everything out ready for Arabella (Natural Nursery) and Penny (Transition Exeter)'s 'make some reusable wet wipes' session which was a huge success. David helped wash up and set up for Beat the Blues this afternoon. By this point I was ready to drop but I hung on in there for Tai Chi this evening. We passed the time playing with the marbles on the wooden floor. Tai Chi was a revelation. I absolutely loved it and I am amazed that I can feel it in my muscles already. It was the perfect start to the weekend. Good job Sue!

Look what you can make in 90 mins!

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