Monday, 30 January 2012

Monday's MMM and Origami

Today was Monday and the heating was on all day (wasn't it cold?). By the time we had Make and Take Club Hannah was turning the heating down. It's a good sign as it means we are sorting out the 'how to heat a medieval hall' dilemma.

Nikkie started off with yoga babies. I didn't see much of them as I was tied up in reception (not literally). Coffee time was really quiet today but I read through Darren's article on our building and Notaries House which is due to be published soon. I gave him leftover birthday cake in exchange. Fair swap!

Then Sheila Cove started her Margaret Morris Movement course with a free taster. There were six ladies which was a really lovely turnout. It's so hard with new courses because you never know how many to expect. Shelia is going to continue her course through February and see how things go.

Make and Take Club was really lovely again today. Every week Hannah and Pip organise a different theme. This week was origami and they had another guest. Kat the Paper Florist came and demonstrated how to make origami tulips, butterflies and waterlilies. We had a great time.

This evening is Janette's Daisy Birthing Group. I see from her posts online that her bumps are arriving and so she is hearing how she has helped these little ones into the world.

Tomorrow is Peter and Magic Carpet's community choir. I was going to make a flapjack but I am out of oats so we may have to have biscuits tomorrow and flapjack next week. Peter has been organising the sing-list (it that a term?) for long as we have 'do ron ron ron' it's all be OK.

Lisa will be crafting with us tomorrow at noon. It was rag-rugging, button making, printing and weaving last week...let's see what tomorrow brings.

At 1:30pm Arabella has another Babychino session. From tomorrow these will be fortnightly get-togethers. It's a brilliant opportunity to stop, have a cup of tea, meet with other parents and relax with Arabella.

And I want to show you this. This is Sophie's photo from last Friday of her underwater-themed Wriggle Rhythms...I just love it...

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