Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Bag of Swords...

We started with choir moved through coffee time and contemporary crafting and onto Arabella's Babychino Group (@naturalnursery on Twitter and www.exeterbabyactivities.co.uk) which was a great success and I got to meet baby Bobby who is two days old and looked fabulous snuggled in his sling. Then I went to a great meeting at the library. It was organised by The Fruit Tree and it was for co-ops and social enterprises in Exeter to get together and plan the future. There are some fabulous groups out there. My new discovery is Naming Elephants but it was great to see Love Local Food, The Olive Tree, Co-Cars, Real Food, The Grapevine, Petrocks amongst many others. This evening a Fencing Team started at the hub. It makes me smile when I write it because when we first planned the hub I never could have imagined the variety of groups and activities that use the hub. I just love it. I love the not knowing what will turn up next and the crackers conversations. I love that one minute we are watching Ruth secure two-day old Bobby in his sling and the next a man turns up with a bag of swords.

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