Saturday, 21 January 2012

Tai Chi on Friday Evenings - It really was the PERFECT start to my weekend

I don't really do evening classes. I love the idea but it is hard to fit in a regular evening slot with everything else that is going on. I also spend the weekends being a little bit jumpy knowing that there are things that need to be done. As you can imagine that makes me excellent company!!! 

But this weekend...what a difference and I have to give the credit to Sue Daniels. Either that or it's a HUGE coincidence that I after went to her Tai Chi class on Friday night I fell asleep easily and have had a wonderfully relaxed weekend. Lottie is reaping the benefits. 

So I am going next week and I am looking forward to it already. Tai Chi will be followed by a Saturday trip to London and a Sunday birthday party for 15 of Lottie's little friends - that will test it's results!
This week also brings new things...
Babychino – new baby group in central Exeter Tuesday 1:30-3:30pm                   Exeter Babies Activities Website
Sling Meet - Friday 12noon - 1:30pm during coffee time                                           Exeter Babies Activities Website
And the Week after too...
Margaret Morris Movement FREE TASTER SESSION Monday 30th January 2-3pm @HubOnTheGreen.Just come along in comfortable clothes. A gentle class for all abilities 
As well as our ongoing events...
Yoga Babies 10:30am-11:30am
Coffee time at noon - 1:30pm
Make and Take Club 4pm -5pm
Daisy Birthing Classes 6:30pm - 8pm
Community Choir 10am - 12noon
coffee time at noon - 1:30pm 
Craft group with Lisa Purchase at noon - 1:30pm
BabyChino Baby Group 2pm-3pm

Hatha Yoga 9:45 -10:45
Walk for Health 10:45 -12noon
coffee time at noon -1:30pm
knitting group at noon -1:30pm
Babysign 2pm -3pm
Feldenkrais 6:30pm - 7:30pm
Wriggle Rhythms 11am -12noon
coffee time at noon -1:30pm
Sling Meet 12noon-1:30pm 
Beat the Blues (Women's Network) 2pm - 4pm
Tai Chi 6:30pm -8pm
I would like to say a huge thank you to Ruth who is a quilter and has donated a large amount of magazines, materials and equipment to the hub so we can start to build a quilting group. I have other organisations who would like to get involved. If you are a quilter or a wannabe quilter please let me know. 

Our craft and cake fair is on Saturday 4th Feb (first Saturday of the month) and we have lots of new people involved so it's going to be great. If you would like some fliers to hand out or have a spot for a poster - please shout. We like busy and busy means we need to spread the word. Thank you :)

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