Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Teacake Tuesday

Lisa demonstating her woven flowers
It was so lovely to have Lisa back today running her craft group after the Christmas break. She was using material to make the most incredible woven flowers. Lisa is constantly creating amazing things. As Ellen said today, "You must have enough ideas for your own book!" I agree.

It was definitely teacake Tuesday. Sheila (who will be running a taster of Margaret Morris Movement on 30th January at 2pm) started the trend and we all followed.  

Meanwhile Darren acted on an early morning 'I want to start ongoing jigsaws at the hub, what do you think?' conversation and turned up at noon with the perfect puzzle. Not only does it feature the hub (and the Cathedral) but Princesshay in all its 80s glory along with parked cars on the Cathedral Green. We have started it but we have another 9978 pieces to put in the right places. If you have any puzzles that you no longer have a need for (preferably 1000 piece-ish) we would love to borrow them or give them a good home. 

This evening the hub is being used into the wee small hours. Exeter Homebirth Group are holding their meeting there and Cathy Mudge (midwife and acupuncturist) is the guest speaker. I am looking forward to hearing all about it. 

I have started on my new signage inside. Nothing highbrow but hopefully useful to people and I have started hearing people's ideas about making the hub just what they want it to be and I am looking forward to putting those ideas into practice. Please keep the ideas coming. They really are helpful. 

We have our first birthday party weekend later in January (not our birthday but the first weekend of parties). A birthday party on both days. It's a great venue for a party or gathering so let me know if you would like more information. 


  • Gentle hatha yoga at 9:45am
  • Walking For Health Group leaving at 10:45 from outside the hub
  • Coffee time at noon
  • knitting group at noon
  • CVS sustainability meeting at 2pm
  • CVS sustainability meeting at 6pm 
Feldenkrais starts next Wednesday night. 

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