Thursday, 12 January 2012

How many hearts have you drawn today? Bet I have drawn more!

Wow! What a day! That full moon's chaos is disapating and normality is coming back. I had moments of genius...sneaking out to get the posters printed for the craft and cake fair and no one noticed, monotony...drawing 600 hearts on the posters, forward planning...meeting with a GP and practice manager to hear how they think we could work together in the future, happiness...lovely tweets, excitement... I'm in the paper (along with my brother, an old flame, a past potential business partner and lots of other familiar faces - loving Exeter!), exercising...moving those conference chairs up and down from the basement is a good workout - why spend money on gym membership when you could shift my furniture for free???

I have just reread that. Is 'past potential' an oxymoron? Jane? Anyone?

Tomorrow we have Wriggle rhythms at 11am and it's going to be fabulously busy. Then coffee time at noon followed by The Woman's Network Beat the Blues session which you are welcome to pop along to (£1.50 a session for ladies). 

Next Friday we have a free taster session in Tai Chi from 6:30-8:00pm. Contact Instructor: Sue Daniels on 01392 877918  or

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