Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Self help tips for aching 'Twitter thumbs' or a 'sore mouse' muscle!

The amazing reflexologist Sarah Hewlett who works at the Sustainable Health Centre, Zamora and other lovely places as well as being involved in hub-life has these tips for us...

Rest your hands on your legs and look at your palms. See how the muscle at the base of your thumb makes it look a little like the shape of a chicken drumstick. Let you shoulders drop, then with your left thumb or fingers, use circular massage movements to warm and soften that muscle on your right hand. It may feel tight and tender so be kind with yourself and work to a level that feels good. Then do the same on the other hand...

another tip... Bend your hands down, fingers towards your wrists, this may help to ease muscle strain caused by using your mouse or keyboard, for too long. 

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