Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Interior Decoration

So Jenny and I sorted the reception at the new place (in our minds) and I am on 'find a builder' duty. It's going to look great. Jenny has gone for grey (doesn't show the liquorice) shelving and we have compromised on a screen to the waist (I think Jenny wanted a hiding space). I am getting access to the building soon so I can start getting really stuck in. 

Then I bumped into Francis whilst mug-shopping who was a therapist from the last place we were based. It was so lovely to catch up. I had a tea, blue cheese and walnuts overlooking the new building. 

Then a great chat with Simon who is in his canvas office and we sorted out all sorts long distance. 

So the rest of the week is about working from my Oxford office/sister's house and hunting for fridges, worktops, builders, plumbers and a floor polisher; creating timetables and bookkeeping templates and munching our way through the 1.5kg of silverside that we have just collected from Pipers Farm as payment for a favour done. 

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