Sunday, 21 August 2011

Rollers, Roast Beef Sandwiches and Wrist action...

It's Sunday night and Lottie and I are ready and packed for tomorrow. Tomorrow is going to be a busy one...

It is my last Art and Craft's group up in Uffculme at Lisa's converted butcher's shop. I love it there and it has been a regular feature of my Mondays for such a long time that I am already a bit wobbly about not being able to go any more. But Lottie and I have made a huge crispy cake with marshmallows on top to ease the pain. But Lovely Lisa has promised to come to Exeter and run a two-hour session weekly at the hub so, although I will miss my classmates tremendously, I still get to see Lisa and she will have the pleasure of teaching me for a little longer. I am a tricky pupil. It's the short attention span and my 'more speed less haste' attitude that does it. 

Then Lottie and I are painting. I bought her her own mini roller set and have promised her roast beef sandwiches and so far that seems to have persuaded her that it's going to be fun. I think she may have forgotten how large the hall is. The size of the tub of paint might give the game away but once we're there I'll lock the door and bribe her with the second crispy cake I made for exactly that purpose. Parenting is an art!

Barbara is coming to visit us in the early afternoon. She is an ideas machine so I will have my notepad ready and I hope my oldest friend Laura will pop by later with her family. Sadly Laura never saw the cafe and with our projects it seems that if you don't see, you don't really understand. So I am going to get her in early on this one. Plus Lottie's roller set has plenty of spares and friends = workforce so fingers crossed. 

I have treated myself to a special roller with an extension pole. 5'4'' of me with an extra 2' pole allowance is 7'4'' plus with the chair I can precariously balance myself upon... I reckon I can reach up to the dado rail. 

Anyone who loves painting - come and grab a roller. You never know, it might be fun and there's payment in crispy cake.

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