Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Phoenix Cards

I am now building a team of Phoenix Traders. The best bit is we meet regularly and have coffee! But we also all sell cards and while some of the team do it to keep busy and make some money, I do it to raise funds for some of our smaller projects. In Cullompton, the Phoenix profits were used to buy plants and equipment for the community garden. In Exeter, I am yet to work out what the funds will be used for but I am hoping to create small raised beds by the entrance so it may well be used for similar things. But the point is if you would like to continue (or start) to order your cards, you will still be supporting the Phoenix charities and our community projects as well as getting fabulous cards. That's a win win if ever I saw one!

Click HERE for more information. Happy shopping. 

If you live locally then there will be no postage and packing. For postal orders then there is a £2 postage and packing charge, unless you fancy coming to visit us, having a coffee and a chat and collecting in person. 

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