Friday, 5 August 2011

Progress, Progress, Progress...

A good morning planning Jenny's reception room at the new place. It's a good job she has a sense of style because not all of us do! I wouldn't know where to start. I also met with Rachel who is a wonderful local lady who is a creative whizz. It was great to talk through ideas with her in Boston Tea Party of course. And this afternoon Catherine and I talked Phoenix cards which I sell to raise money for community projects. We are starting to build a little selling all means pennies for the community pot and the more pennies the more we can create. Hopefully Chrissy will join the Phoenix team and three means we can have meetings and chats and coffee and conquer the greetings card at a time.

This weekend I am going to office furniture shops, sink shops and sideboard shops. I will be researching limed oak and sage paint. Kirstie Allsopp I am not but I'll give it a go! 

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