Tuesday, 23 August 2011


I had never heard of Wolfpaw until an email from Simon this morning. Wolfpaw's blog is "about Exeter and its history, its architectural losses and the fragments that remain". I agree with him that is incredibly sad how much of historic Exeter has been lost in the past 100 years and reading his post about our medieval hall, he talks about the hall being locked up and filled with filing cabinets. It was fascinating to read his post. We have heard lots of information from people over the past few months but it is hard to take it all in. To see it written down, you have time to digest it. Our magnificent hall, which dates back to the mid-1400s (or at least the wood in the roof was felled between 1417-1442) can now be shared and Simon is inviting Wolfpaw to come and see.

Tourist Guide:
Yesterday whilst chatting to Simon at the end of our alley some faces appeared at he entrance. There were four German tourists who wanted to take a photo, so we invited them up the alley and into the hall. They were wowed by it. I told them what I knew and they told me that I talked to fast! It transpired that they had only two hours to see Exeter so we wished them luck. They took a last photo of Lottie and me in front of our hall (we weren't in our pyjama phase) and went on their way. I think I am going to need a souvenir stall - I am thinking thimbles and tea-towels? Your thoughts please...

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