Friday, 19 August 2011

Lovely Neighbours

It was lovely to see Andy, Rachel, Chris and Zoe today. We spent a long time looking up. Apparently the faces in the ceiling could be the people who built the hall in which case the builders were a choir of angels, a couple of lions and some round-headed people with a penchant for foliage headgear. But I tell you what, they were fine craftsmen. 

Rachel showed us a stunning purse she had made - such a clever lady. Some people have an eye for design and Rachel is one of them. Unfortunately, moments before she walked in I put some terrible flowers on the know when you wish you hadn't? Rachel recommended Lottie's origami tulips instead. Always so polite. Anyway flowers are in the 'garage' pile. 

And I met the neighbours. Ian has a very long title that starts with Canon; has a fabulous house and is clearly a very nice man. He was worried about his daughter's ghettoblaster disturbing us! That's the kind of man he is.

I have also scrubbed the entrance and have before and after photos. Please at least pretend to notice a difference. 


I am sitting on the wall outside my hub on the cathedral green and I am counting all the people walking past. Happy Joey! 


  1. Joey the passage looks fab, you've done a brill job and worked so hard... You should be proud of yourself and all your doing, you have a special big heart.
    Love Rachael x

  2. Rachael you are always so lovely xxx