Tuesday, 23 August 2011

News in Brief

Today's news in brief:

  • Wolfpaw is going to visit us soon. He sounded delighted to get an email to say the hall is open to the public.
  • We had a lovely tea party with Sal, Ben, Lottie and Rachel this morning all gathered around our temporary children's table and chairs. Tonight Lottie and I took a two hour round trip to Babbacombe to collect some comfier chairs just in time for tomorrow's meetings. They better be comfy!
  • Sarah Hewlett paid us a flying visit on the way to work. So lovely to see her but not for long enough but we may see her again tomorrow.
  • I have decided (with a little help from my friends) that the walls are just fine. After surviving 600 years without my help I think they have clearly shown they are made of tough stuff and I should leave them alone so I have put my roller down (it didn't take much persuasion). 
  • We are collecting books for a bookstall so if you are having a clear out, please think of us. The more pennies we collect the more fun we can have!
  • Lottie and I had an hour off to go to MakeArt to decorate pudding bowls after deciding the ones we had were either too big or too small. These ones are just right.
Tomorrow is going to be busy and productive I hope. Carole is coming in to talk yoga; Sharon is coming to sort me out on the interior decoration front and to get some girlie time in; Leonine is coming to talk colours and then in the evening I am meeting with Catherine and all on comfy chairs.  

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