Monday, 22 August 2011

The Ups and Downs of Painting

What a fabulous Monday. Lottie and I went to our last printing group in Uffculme (that's not fabulous, that's sad). It's not the last printing group but I have commitments in Exeter now but we ended on a high. Lisa taught us mono-printing and have treasures as a result:
Lisa demonstating mono-printing
Lisa's fabulous printing press
My print entitled, 'Lottie and the Spaghetti Tree'

My Fish Print

Lottie's Owl Print
And wonderful Liz crocheted a gorgeous owl for Lottie who called him Ollie and took him everywhere  today. We are lucky girls.
The Fabulous Ollie
Then we came back to the centre to meet Barbara and her husband so we could show them the centre. Today was hub painting day but it didn't quite go to plan as there was something unusual about the walls. I suppose when they have been there since 1470 (I'm going to check that as that sounds ridiculously old) you have to be a bit more forgiving but a slap of Dulux just wasn't going to do the job. So we painted our blackboards instead. 

We were well prepared. We had taken our pyjamas to wear over our clothes whilst painting. It was just a shame that we had so many visitors during the pyjama phase and a bigger shame that none seemed to bat an eyelid. My pyjama look can't be that dissimilar from my usual look.

Mum popped by. I love the constant visitors.

So roast beef sandwiches polished off, cow material bought to make bag for Lottie to take to the Aeon Festival and garage emptied into the hub using Simon's Saab convertible. It's amazing what you can fit in a car when it has no roof. 

Then Lovely Laura and family popped by even though they had friends from London arriving imminently. It meant the world that they came to see what we are up to before heading home to Marlow. So big thank you...
Top to bottom: Phil, Laura, Lottie, Anna and Jamie :)
Tomorrow Lottie and I are going to unpack all the boxes, admire our new refreshments table, eat more roast beef sandwiches and have a late afternoon trip to Torquay to collect four chairs we won on eBay. I'm off to research painting ancient places on Google. Wish me luck! I might just
 put the kettle on first...

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