Wednesday, 24 August 2011

An Eye for Detail...

It was an early start this morning. Lottie and I were carrying chairs over the green when we bumped into Sandy who used to work at the cafe. In fact, it was an even earlier start as Lottie and I popped into the hub at 1am. I couldn't sleep for worrying about leaving the 16 ultra-bright spotlights on. I was so afraid that they would start a fire and the hall would go up in flames that I woke up little Lottie and drove up to Southernhay. We then marched purposely through a deserted Princesshay in pyjamas and hoodies. I said to Lottie that it must look very dodgy on the CCTV. I must have looked like I'd stolen her. We turned the hall lights off and rushed back to the car, hugely relieved. I won't do that again. 

This morning, Carole came in to talk yoga. She turns out to be the oracle on all things community and she was so good to share her contacts, ideas and special places with me. People like Carole make the world a better place. Then Sharon came by. She's magic too. She is a creative and stylish wonder woman. She has great ideas, such an eye for beautiful things and a vision of how things should be to look amazing. She had a magic touch at the cafe and I think she might wave her magic wand over the hub too. Then Leonine popped by. It doesn't sound like the hub is quite right for her but it's important to know we can't suit everyone and it was great to meet her.  
Sharon, Lottie and Carole - origami-tastic!
Sharon & Lottie (that's Lottie's 'I love Sharon' face) -
can you see the need for furniture shopping (see later)?
We have started our asking for favours (quick hide!). We are looking for jam jars, wool and material offcuts to kick off our first community event which we have planned for September...more details to follow. 

Tomorrow we get to meet Wolfpaw and I am off to renew our ScrapStore membership. I have some serious planning to do for the first Saturday craft event and it's furniture ordering day.

As of September 1st (a week tomorrow), I am taking bookings for the hall so please do get in touch if you know when you would like to book. I will be emailing all the practitioners with the finalised time-slots and rental price bands. Thursdays will be left available for one off events and will be available for half-day or whole-day one-off sessions. 

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