Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Who Needs Three Doors? Me Me Me!

A busy day...
Rachael came in to show some of the fabulous things she has been making for the craft fayre on 10th sept. We played 'Price That Item'. Jane won! And between the three of us (and Sharon's online contributions) I think we sorted the craft fayre poster.
Jane came in to plan the details of her Monday night's 'Coping With Teenagers' session. Her course sounds invaluable. She is going  to run a series of drop-ins followed by a six week course. All on Monday nights at 7:30-9:30pm with strong coffee and biscuits. 
We had a few interested locals through the door to admire the roof. One asked if we had a donations pot and I said “no”. Bother. Will I ever learn? But I told him to come in when he was next passing. So man-in-pink-jumper please come back. 
Then Andy popped by to check out the coffee and be a general sounding board. I had french onion soup for lunch (read on for relevance) and then a lot of coffee (again see later for relevance). Then I had to whizz home to grab the car to collect lottie from the services in order to take her to swimming. 
On the way home a lady collapsed just behind me. I held her head and talked to her and was acutely aware that I hadn’t a clue what to do. I dreadful feeling. I called for help from a slowing motorist. Another pedestrian stopped and we asked her to call an ambulance. I felt calmer - there is safety in numbers. The lady wasn’t responding; couldn’t remember her name and was very disorientated. I kept talking to her and talking to her, asking her to stay awake when she was drifting off (all those episodes of Emergency Bikers were some use after all) and eventally she told me her name. What a relief that was, and I told her so. Eventually I left her with the ambulance men. She was probably glad of the peace. It's only later that you analyse what you did and that's when I remembered the French onion soup. The poor woman - I was leaning right over her. On second thoughts that could have been what brought her round.

Note to self...first aid course a.s.a.p. 

My big red door - two letterboxes

My big white door
My big black door - but it's hidden by the shadow of the Cathedral tower.
I didn't notice when I was taking it this afternoon, only when I downloaded it. 

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