Thursday, 18 August 2011

We Have a Clean Door!

What a great day. Nikkie came with her boys Sid and Ted and had a good look around even getting up to the roof to see the view. I really hope Nikkie will run some yoga groups at the hub. Then Dad and Sal came over to examine the parquet flooring and give an opinion. Floor has character which was the same conclusion that Nikkie came to. They too enjoyed the view from the roof. Then Em came over with Felix and Beaulieu the Bear (who face-planted into my partially-scrubbed mossy path giving him a green nose). They too made it to the roof and Felix counted 62 steps! Finally Lisa Purchase, our fabulous art group teacher, and her two children Prince and Princess Purchase, came to have a look. After deciding that the hub makes an excellent skipping space and deciding that it really should be a roller disco, we went up to the roof (60 and 64 steps depending on who you ask!). I am now sitting with aching calf muscles. I am going to be such a fit bunny.

But it wasn't al socialising...I also scrubbed half the path (half - so I can see a before and after effect tomorrow) and cleaned the two doors. They made their doors really big in the olden days!

You can make brilliant key fobs from Shrinkies! Sometimes I surprise myself :)

Update: 12 hours legs are really feeling it this morning. Why get a gym membership when you can have an office in the roof?

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