Wednesday, 17 August 2011

We're In!

I have the alarms all sorted and we're in!
I met the other people who have offices on other floors of our new attached health centre. They are all very friendly. They had lots of computer screens and it all looked very techy. I looked confused by what they did and they were equally puzzled by what I did.
Tomorrow I am putting in the coffee machine (as my friend says the opening checks should start with 'Put coffee on!'), cleaning the hall and scrubbing the green stuff off the entrance path. I think this could be the exercise I've been needing to do for a while. The painters seem to have painted two walls and left two so I may be borrowing Zoe's PaintPad Pro and sprucing up the walls a bit. Nikkie is popping by to see whether it is somewhere she would like to run classes and Dad is coming in to see whether he can help out a bit with the D.I.Y which means it's not D.I.Y it's get-dad-to-do-it. G.D.T.D.I! He put up some shelves in my kitchen today as a warm up!
So it's coffee on, heels off and sleeves rolled up. Where did I put those micro fibre cloths from the cafe?
This is the Hub on the Green! 

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