Tuesday, 30 August 2011

No Distractions :(

Lottie has gone on holiday for the week so I have no little helper. I will miss her terribly but I am going to get my head down and get busy. I have a hub to create. 

Already this morning two organisations in Exeter have emailed to say they would like to come and visit to see whether the room would suit their needs. I have organised the hire of a van to go and collect our furniture (it looks pretty big and therefore very exciting). The group of artists and crafters getting involved in the Saturday craft and cake event on 10th September is steadily growing and I have plans for an exciting new noticeboard inspired by tipi crafting at Aeon and it's only 11am!

RIght breakfast time and then I am going to have a go at driving to the hub. That involves sinking the bollard into the road at the end of Princesshay and mastering a remote control barrier. This could all go horribly wrong. 

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