Thursday, 1 September 2011

Dreamcatching's On Hold

WolfPaw is busy researching our building. His blog will be updated at the weekend and I can't wait to see what he has to say. He has worked so hard on the research. Research is not my forte so I am in awe of anyone who does it and does it well. Roll on Saturday!

The morning started with a bit of blackboard painting. Then Roberta (herbal practitioner) popped by. Thank goodness for the blackboard and a bit of chalk to demonstrate room arrangements. It was good to catch up. The trouble with good therapists is that they have patients and so they are busy people. Roberta popped back later to finish the conversation and then whizzed off again.

Lovely Clare came past to share some ideas. It was productive. Good job us.

Then I had a surprise visit from our conservation officer Kathy who came to check that the walls weren't covered with drawing pins and the ceiling hadn't been painted pink! I told her we were taking good care of the place. 

I had a drop in visit from a lady called Gail who sounds like a good person to have in our little black book (does that sound like a book of conquests? Maybe that's not the term I mean). Anyway, Jo from ScrapStore who also works in the Real Food Store and is daughter of one of our therapists (are you following this as there will be a test at the end!) told her what we were up to so she came to have a look. 

Then it was off to ScrapStore to collect the badge-maker where I met Rachael (one of 'Our Arty Ones'). She hadn't been to ScrapStore before. Like a kid in a sweetshop she was. I had a little play with the badge-maker but I'm looking forward to 'Our Arty Ones' coming on Tuesday to show me how. Frustrating sums up my attempt.

It might not be great but it's a work of art compared to my dreamcatcher...

...which I shouldn't really post on here but it will make my Lottie chuckle as she's the dreamcatcher master. My plan was to make a giant one to pin messages on but I will wait until Lottie is back on Sunday and she can help me out. 
"My name is Joey and I was overambitious in my dreamcatcher-making today." 
There, I feel better now. 

Chris Bury (osteopath) popped in to see his new room and talk windows. We will need blinds/voille/something as at the moment the owners of the Princesshay fancy flats could watch him work through the windows. Not nice to see people watching you when you are having a treatment. Then he took a photo of me so when I ring him I magically appear on his screen. I wasn't very obliging so goodness knows what will greet him when I do ring. 

A tourist from Germany came by. Another one with an hour to see Exeter en route to Salisbury. Who organises these coach tours? But I am getting better at my guided tours. Although this tourist was telling me more than I was telling him. Something's not right there. He was telling me about the stone - red lion or something? My German isn't as good as it clearly needs to be. Must practice.

To do list:
1. Book first aid course (see yesterday)
2. Sign up for German language course

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