Sunday, 2 October 2011

Busy Weekend!

The grammar and punctuation spot-the-mistake competition has been temporarily halted as I am so tired I cannot be held responsible for my actions. 

Yesterday's craft fair was fabulous. We had lots of visitors including lots of people that I have met recently through the hub, lots of familiar faces from our Cafe Sustain days and lots of faces that we had never seen before but hope to see again. The only complaint  was the people came in waves and I am shocking bad at multi-tasking, never mind having multiple conversations so if I didn't finish the conversation I started with you, I am really sorry and please do pop by so we can finish our chats. There were so many positive prospective partnership conversations. We had people who wanted to sell at the craft fair, people who wanted to teach at the hub. people who wanted to come to the courses and people who want to keep in touch and know what is going on in the future. And that blog-readers is all good news. 

'Our Arty Ones' were just that. They are amazing. For someone who just about managed to draw a rocket on a canvas bag (but made the mistake of colouring the rocket's windows blue when I should have left them colourless) I am in awe of them all for what they create. If you weren't at the fair then do take a look at the photos I posted yesterday and let us know what you think. If you were one of our whizzers, who come in, sped past the stalls and had a cup of tea or rushed off I would ask that next time, you pause and really look at what 'Our Arty Ones' do. There will be no pressure to buy anything but when you pause and really look you, will see all sorts of amazing things. Lisa's little flowers that look like table decorations turn out to be hair clips and Sharon's bunting had individual fish stitched onto the satin ribbon. These are talented, clever, witty people and if you dash past you will miss things. I had an email from a lady today who had bought some bunting from Sharon for her daughter's bedroom. She had emailed to say, "...[My daughter's] bunting is also so beautiful I hadn't appreciated the detail like the cupcake ribbon...her room is finally finished hurray!" 

I came away with a new necklace, two hairclips, gingerbread men, biscuits and cakes, decorated canvas bags and a fish and chip card. The only thing I didn't get which I wanted was a green spotty wallet but I will get that at the next fair.

The cakes were fabulous again. Mum's decorations on her brownies were a work of art in themselves, Amelia reminded us how fabulous gingerbread men are and I have been nibbling away at them all weekend, Becky's biscuits are great with a cup of tea, how kitsch can you make a cake?...very! Just ask Kim, Ben's flapjack recipe was great and it was nice to have him there in flapjack as he couldn't come in person, I was really pleased with my raspberry and almond cake, the little white starred crispy cakes were cute as anything and the raspberry muffins that arrived freshly baked and still warm (good job Cathy!) we delicious. It was such a hot day that we didn't serve as many teas and coffees this time - but the sunshine didn't stop people buying cake and we had plenty of takeaways cake orders too. Good job bakers! I think as our next fair is on 5h November and I have a dental plan, I may try and make bonfire toffee!

Today I spent the day with a very patient Dean who has been fitting the dispensary on his Sunday off. Yesterday his wife, Rachel 'Little Stitch', was working at the fair so thanks to the hub they have had no quality time together. This is not representative of the hub's aims and objectives but I would just like to say a big thank you to the Poulters for all their time and help and support and plumbing lessons. 

B&Q have dropped a few places in my popularity pole yet again. When asking for the items on Dean's list the 'here to help' man told me how he hated it when men sent their wives and girlfriends and didn't understand why they couldn't come down themselves. I explained I wasn't a wife or girlfriend merely a gopher! It didn't help my cause. I haven't felt quite so small and pathetic in a while. I think they need to invest in their customer service. 

By lunchtime tomorrow I will have running water in the dispensary and by the end of the week my en suite loo will be fully functional. I am looking for someone willing to be the first to test it. Offers by email only please.

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