Monday, 10 October 2011

What No Photos?!

Wow! What a day!

Jenny the dispenser and receptionist of The Sustainable Health Centre saw the new centre for the first time today in its completed state and Carol our new receptionist started. I think it all went smoothly with a quick emergency shopping trip for a bin and some pillowcases. Good job ladies getting to grips with a new name, a new arrangements and finding all the bottle tops. 

The open session at the hub from noon-1:30pm was wonderful. A bit of me wondered whether I would be talking to Blackberry the Cat and eating my way through numerous packets of biscuits alone but no...I had Cathy come and book some sessions, Amelia came to play and shop, Olly taught me the names of the Peppa Pig characters, Rach came to chat and talk socks, then there was lovely Jim who I had never met before who came for a coffee and a chat, the two Steiner School teacher and their six wonderfully-behaved pupils who were on a school trip who popped in and they had their lunch with us, the ladies who came in to learn to crochet and the roof-admirers from Brixham who couldn't stop this time as well as the Canon who dropped in a good luck card. I think that was a good 90 minutes. I had a ball and the time flew by. Loving my hub!

I didn't get everything done but I think we did well. No big hiccups, no complaints, lots of people came to join in and the networking's working. I came home to a lot of emails and lots wishing us luck today as well as offers of prizes for Thursday's coffee morning raffle. We have Piper's Farm vouchers and lots of treatments to give away. If you would like a ticket and can't come on Thursday, let me know as I will be selling from tomorrow. Sadly I think it would be seen as cheating if I entered. I may have to come up with a few psudonyms by Thursday morning. 

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  1. Hurray! Glad it was a big success!
    Sleep well tonight :-) xx