Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Contemporary Craft Workshops - Printing

Lovely Lisa came in to run her craft workshop today and I have left one of my memory cards at the hub so I have limited photos of it but it was such a relaxing and productive session. Such a treat to stop for two hours and create something special. I have just shown Lottie the photos and she was so impressed. I also put all the prints up on a washing line (Lisa's idea) and they were much admired. If you would like to come next week let me or Lisa know (her number is on the calendar on the right). My Mum came and loved it. We are already looking forward to adding to our bird prints and seeing what the next class brings. 

Our 12noon-1:30pm slot was busy again today. I met Ellen who was great company and ended up being receptionist when I showed Keith (who used to work in the hub when it was a solicitors) around his old haunt. It turns out his wife is training to be a herbalist so he was interested in the dispensary in his old reception. We had the decorators in to look at the loo. How many people does it take to decide on magnolia? Six! Jacqui Crompton popped in to offer a repeat of the course 'cooking for coeliacs' in the run up to Christmas or the new year. This course was so exciting when we ran it at the cafe. People who had missed profiteroles, carrot cake, chocolate cake, scones and pizza since being diagnosed were treated to a taste sensation. Margaret popped in too to talk mosaics. We have plans afoot. 

The raffle tickets are now on sale for £1 a strip for Macmillan Cancer Support. You have until Thursday to buy your tickets. The prizes are Champagne (which I am looking at now), reflexology treatments, Pipers Farm vouchers, BioFreeze gel for those aches and pains, wellington boot key rings and more prizes are being scrounged all the time!!!

I have had raffle ticket requests by text...I love modern technology!

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