Friday, 28 October 2011

Friday was filled with Firemen

This morning started with a visit from the fire safety officer. I answered the knock at the door and it wasn't just one fire safety officer but a whole lot of firemen. I was seriously puzzled... how could a talk about smoke alarms turn into such a party but ever the professional (!) I invited them all in. It turns out that the safety officer had thrown away my number (charming!) and couldn't let me know that the whole watch were joining him. As it turns out it was an amazing visit. They want to know the building inside-out so if anything terrible were to happen and should we need them they would know their way around. We also had to decide what they should save first. The ceiling (that was simple), then me, then the tea cosies... in fact when they were talking salvage and I said, "What?" and they said, "We mean have you got anything of great value in the building?" the easy answer was no. It really was interesting and reassuring that people are helping us with the safeguarding of our grade 1 listed building. And I was invited to the fire station...well, Lottie was invited to the fire station but they said I could go too!

Then Cathy came by with Felix and his partner. They run an Argentine tango group and came to see if the floor is suitable. I had asked Cathy to bring her shoes and she and Felix danced for Jenny and me - with no music. It was very powerful and very impressive. The floor is fine and so it looks like they will be dancing in The Hub soon. 
The photo doesn't do them justice - I should have videoed!
Pop in time at noon was gentle today. It always is on a Friday. John came by and he was great. He owns a garage in Exeter so I have someone to service my car. Sue popped in for a coffee and two more gentlemen - one who is interested in hiring The Hub and one who had a very flashy camera and took lots of photos. All of whom were new visitors today. Sophie came by with her little one and joined Kim, David, Lottie and I making felt badges. Kim did a great job inspiring us and Little Thurza fell fast asleep she was so relaxed.
Kim's badge (I'm wearing mine now)
We had a visit from Nino too who makes the most amazing berry tea cosies and she is going to sell them at our craft fairs. There's a photo below. Nino created the patterns herself (she also makes a blackberry one) so she is one clever lady. I just love them and I think they will be really popular.

Lovely Kim has displayed her Kimbows jewellery in The Hub. It makes the place look so lovely. Thank you Kim. 
Kimbow's jewellery (top) and Nino's teacosies (below)

Kimbows Jewellery

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