Sunday, 30 October 2011

Can you Splice?

This week is the start of the first complete half term at the hub. When we opened in the middle of October the first half of the Autumn term was well on it's way. As a result here starts the groups at the hub and so it's a really exciting time. November will also see our 3rd craft and cake fair (5th), Yoga Babies (starts tomorrow at 11am), Feldenkrais classes, Wriggle Rhythms, Positive Parenting Classes and lots more.

We also have Contemporary Craft Workshop on Tuesday at 10am where we will be printing. It's £10 and you can come along on the day. It is such a magical session and Lisa is a wonderful teacher.

Rachael will be back for knitting group on Wednesday at 12 noon so you will be in safe hands. I am going to perfect moss stitch to make a scarf before the winter sets in.

Kim will be stitching with us on Friday at noon. Again you can just come along and see what she has planned. It's another friendly, welcoming, relaxed group at the hub.

The Craft and Cake Fair is this Saturday between 10:30am - 4pm. Everyone is welcome. We have a cafe so you can relax with a homemade cake and proper coffee (cake donations are welcome on the day). At the fair we will have new knitted creations for sale, mosaic demonstrations, you can create your own shopping bag or one as a gift and we will have rope splicing demonstrations...

Above are spliced ropes and my dad Peter is a sailor and a bit of a whizz at splicing. Some people have said we need some less pink and flowery crafts at the fair so here we go - I have ROPED in my dad!!!. So Peter will be showing you how to splice rope to make keyrings, loops for things, knotty things. It's just fun. I remember when he spliced some rope to make me a neck lanyard for my Swiss army knife. I loved it.

I have lost the ability to string a sentence together with acceptable grammar. It's Sunday night and I have so many paint fumes in my lungs there is no room for any oxygen. 

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