Tuesday, 18 October 2011


It's been an amazing week. We are well and truly up and running and there are moments when I know we are going to be alright (and moments where I am chasing my tail). It's the little gem moments that remind me of those cafe days when everything just worked. People felt better by being in and around the buzz of the cafe team and the customers buzzed to and things felt good. We knew that we were making people feel better and that spurred us on to do more. That way of working is infectious - you can't help being caught up in it. 

Now at the hub we are starting again in a new place with new people. I miss the cafe girls and I miss the customers but I love it that some of them keep in touch and we are finding our new 'customers'. It takes time...and that takes patience of which I have very little but having done it before I am relaxed about it. It only takes two to have a conversation, three can make it more of a party, four can be two conversations and five...well that's busy!!! We have had five or more for the last three pop-up coffee times. I am happy with that. And I am still making the coffee. 

Today a wonderful man called Peter has finalised his community choir details. There will be two pre christmas 'Sing Choirs of Angels' sessions on 15th and 22nd December so if you want to come as an alternative to Christmas shopping then pop along. Then in the new year the community choir will be meeting on Tuesday mornings at 10am (for a cup of tea) with singing starting at 10:30am. We will confirm the start date asap. If you would like us to email you when we have further details or to remind you nearer the time then let me know. That's what I'm here for. 

We are also looking into a toddler music group and a baby signing group. Again if you would like me to email you with further details let me know. 

Roberta's yoga classes start tomorrow morning and I have worked out our heating system so we should be lovely and snuggly. 

Hope to see you all soon :)

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