Friday, 7 October 2011

Hurray for the Attic Scurrier!

BT (Or Openreach as they like to be called) finished off the three phone lines and two internet connections and they were amazing today. They even sent one of the boys scurrying about in the roof so they could get the cables through to the office without making holes in the wall or running cable all over the place. He came out covered in dust from head to foot and still smiling. They were brilliant and it was a tough job for them. Well done Rob and The Attic Scurrier!

Then it was van collection time. We picked rush hour to get over to Marsh Barton! Doh! John Mulvey came to help us and Simon and John were amazing. They filled the van with 3 desks, numerous chairs, motorised couches, bottles bottles and more bottles, rocking chairs (!!!), filing cabinets (now they weigh a ton...or is that tonne?), arm chairs, boxes of files...and then when they had unloaded they had to carry them up four flights of stairs. The view is fantastic but moving in involves far too much exercise for my liking. 
Simon and John - moonlighting as removal men
Mum brought us back some amazing biscuits from Borough Market in London. She also packed up all the bottles in the dispensary tonight. 
The elephant biscuit has been stamped with some white paste and then baked. It's just beautiful and the crumbliest cinnamon biscuit too. Yummy!

When it came to supper Lottie and I sneaked out for pizza. She has just returned from her school residential so we showered her and got straight to the centre to help out so she deserved a treat. We bumped into Steve King who was my first ever cafe customer and has been a constant companion through our last 3 years work. He keeps popping up and it's great when he does. Hopefully he will be at the coffee morning so cafe team, if you miss waiting on Mr King then now's your chance to come and make him a cup of tea for old times sake.

I am on the scrounge (which I like doing) for raffle prizes for Thursday's coffee morning. So if you have anything to offer (some knitting, something from the place you work, a half hour treatment, a place on a course, something else crafty) I would really appreciate all your donations, however quirky! The coffee morning and raffle are all to raise money for Macmillan Cancer Support. 

Have a great weekend everyone :)

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