Thursday, 20 October 2011

Skippity, Skip, Skip!

The Crafter Dark group at The City Gate Pub was perfect. I had such a bad headache and was utterly exhausted and wondered whether or not I should go. I wanted to see what it was all about and it was lovely. A big group of friendly ladies all sharing in something and learning to relax after whatever the day had thrown at them. Next time it will be wet felting and I am looking forward to it already.

This morning started well. Autumnal but well. Today is my day when the hub is available for people to use for the whole day if they want to so we don't have our pop up cafe time at noon. I have arranged a meeting with John Harvey (city centre manager). I have no idea what to expect but apparently there is a Princesshay Club and as we are on the fringe maybe we can join?

Simon and I did a good bit of wheeling and dealing today. What a team. We were backed up by Jenny (it was Jenny's idea to "do a deal") and we managed to knock hundreds of pounds off some furniture we wanted. I like this bartering thing. So Jenny's dispensary in the health practice is almost complete. I spent the rest of the day up to my ears in dust at the old premises. I did wrap all Simon's old tincture bottles ready to take over to the new place to put on display. One said chloroform and another poison. I don't think I should leave those lying about.

I found some gems in the old place. Everything we didn't want anymore we put on a 'take me home for free' table and it all went...the broken photocopier, the temperamental printer, the print of New York, the microwave and other bits and pieces. I had my own freecycle table.

Now you see the shelves... you don't!
This was my fuel
We have our work cut out!
Remember these?

Bonfire time?!!!

Colin destroyed the dispensary - good job!
Tomorrow my skip arrives. I have never ordered a skip before. This journey is full of firsts! I have until noon to fill it and then I am back to the hub for Kim's stitching group. This week we are decorating canvas bags. If you would like to come and join us, you are more than welcome. 

And this is my new hub cat...

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