Friday, 14 October 2011

The Hub celebrated it's one week anniversary

Well the day started with my new gym routine. It is not something I signed up to voluntarily, it's just that Simon put our office on the fourth floor so I was up and down 4 times. I ran up the first time, walked up the second, and so on...

I figured out the new heating system with the help of a screwdriver. We found out that the only way to dim the lights is to remove some bulbs. I now know that you need smaller bins if you empty them more often. And I have had my first Christmas party invite! That's a Friday that is full of revolutions. 

Kim came in for Kitsch Stitching today. I was already talking to a lovely man called Charles who had popped in as someone had said it would be perfect for a meeting he wanted to hold. He stayed to chat while Kim and I started stitching. I asked him if he wanted to join in. He said he would have a go and he did. He made his very own lavender heart. The last time he sewed anything other than buttons on to his coat was when he was in the RAF. He took his heart home in his pocket with a lady friend in mind. I liked Charles. Jane also came to join us. She stitched for a bit - lapped me in heart making and then rebelled by getting out her knitting. There's a grandbaby due very soon so there was a rush to finish the second sleeve. 

Later on in the afternoon after going to collect lottie and coming back with just a set of bags and no child (due to the lure of milkshake with a friend) I met with Sarah and Ben. Ben Hewlett is an amazing harmonica player. He runs workshops for different ages, groups, purposes...and he gave me a concert - a mini one. I rang Zoe (and lottie and friends) to tell them to come over to the hub quickly. When they arrived, I asked Ben to perform again. There was audience participation and we were all grinning from ear to ear and enthralled. He's good...he's very good and he's very entertaining. If you have a meeting that needs a little je ne said quoi, or a business away day that needs a bit of something special - this is your man. He very kindly left me a book for lottie (who has just turned her room upside down looking for her harmonica with no success) so we will be harmonica-ing very soon. Bring on the blues!
Enthralled by Ben

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