Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Choirs, Coffee and Carpentry

Such a great meeting this morning with Peter about a community choir. I am very lucky that I get to meet all these people with such talents and enthusiasm and that they want to come and get involved at the hub.

So today in brief (because it's late and I have a half-finished creme caramel):

  • Great meeting with Peter and hopefully we will have three drop-in singing Christmassy events coming soon not organised by me...this is Peter's baby. If it was mine it would be a Neil Diamond and Dolly Parton sing-a-long group. Oooh now there's an idea.
  • Off to B&Q - again!!!
  • Hung blinds successfully - hurray!
  • Created my own shelving system
  • Phoned dial-a-carpenter (dad) for advice
  • Wall too flimsy to support shelving system
  • Put coffee on to soften the blow
  • Ate chocolate orange to soften the blow still further
  • Off to buy shelving mark two!
I had a lovely chat with Hannah today who is taking bookings for the Monday after school MAKE & TAKE CLUB 4-5pm. It's proving popular. Email 

Tomorrow I have high hopes for the shelving mark 2 as dial-a-carpenter is coming in in person to save the day. Nigel the electrician is coming to link up the loo gadget, BT are coming to sort out the phones and internet, I may treat myself to a cherry and almond tart and I hope to get around to contacting all our wonderful course leaders and facilitators as we officially open on Monday!

To remind you all that between 12 noon and 1:30pm on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday next week and every week afterwards we are open for a cup of tea and a chat, a bit of knitting or stitching or just to come and stop for a bit and catch your breath. On Thursday we are holding out WORLD'S BIGGEST COFFEE MORNING for Macmillan Cancer Support. So come and share a cake and cuppa between 10-12noon. We will have a raffle and a giggle and would love to see you all. You could always come and admire my shelving!

Now where's that creme caramel?

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