Wednesday, 28 September 2011

The Craft Hub Club - Monday Evenings 4-5pm

I am so excited to tell you that Hannah and Pip from The Craft Hub are going to run an after school CRAFT HUB CLUB on Monday evenings between 4-5pm. 

Hannah says, "We have decided to start the club on the 7th of November to run for 6 weeks."

They are thinking of a great name for it but at the moment it is nicknamed The Craft Hub Club and Lottie is already booked on.

Hannah then says, "We are offering 12 places for children ( & their parents ) aged between 5-11 years of age. We will book up a half-term in advance. The charges are £4 for a child & £7 for two siblings. We will run to a seasonal theme, with a different type of craft each week, that the children take home."

Hannah and Pip will provide some craft materials, but people coming to the course will be invited to bring things too. I love this, it encourages us to rummage a bit and forrage (that's more of a food word isn't it?!) for bits and pieces and makes our final creations more personal.

The class will be a quiet/relaxed/nurturing/informal space for the children to create & explore with their parent or grandparent.

If anyone is interested and would like to book or you want further details, email Hannah at Registration forms can be emailed out to you.

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