Thursday, 29 September 2011

Not Again!!!!

Today I lost my keys three times today! First thing this morning I was hunting everywhere when I resigned myself to the fact that I would have to go over to Simon's house and collect his when Lottie came charging out of school waving the keys at me. I had put them in her school bag. 
Then the plumber needed the door shut to stop the fire alarms going off again, so I shut the door...blooming yale locks - ridiculous invention. My keys were in the hub but I wasn't. My mobile was also in the hub. Remember the days when we held phone numbers in heads just in case of emergencies? I was stuck without a phone, keys, a brain but I did have a nice plumber called Shane with a mobile phone. I phoned my mum as it was the only number I knew and she sent Simon to the rescue. Then after a great afternoon setting up for the fair on Saturday, feeling really proud of our achievements and really rather hungry I did it all over again. But I had learnt something...I had my phone in my pocket this time so I could ring Simon myself. I now have a contingency plan.

The hub is looking great and we are getting things down to a fine art. 

Lottie and I had a go at Saturday's craft activity. We sat on the Cathedral Green doodling. I quick iron and we have ourselves personalised bags. Love it! You can have a go too at the fair for £2.50. These are special fabric pens so the bags will be washable. 

And the jamjar tombola is looking good too...

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