Wednesday, 21 September 2011

"Would You Like A Free Oak-Framed Mirror?"


Well the conversation was a little more elaborate than that but it ended up with two men carrying a huge, solid oak-framed mirror into the back of dad's car. It's those cafe pixies again. My step-mum Sal said something about lucky or jammy or something similar and she's right.

The story goes like this....
Bought desk on eBay.
Dad drives me to collect desk from Teignmouth.
Can't find sellers home!
Phone seller.
"My flat is opposite the Indian Takeaway." (Flat?!! Flat!!! It's a huge oak desk and I have a dad with a bad back...I'm thinking, "How many stairs?")
Find flat and Seller Kim.
Can't lift desk. 
Owner of takeaway offers man-power. 
He collects a customer and puts desk pieces into car.
We thank men-power and off they go.
Kim asks if I would like a mirror.
"Ummmmm...." I reply.
You can take it for free." says Kim, "It matches the desk, seems a shame to separate them. Come and have a look."
I climb up four flights of stairs and see the mirror. Mirror = gorgeous. 
Kim fetches takeaway owner and his customer for a second time.
Up four flights.
Down four flights with mirror. Mirror = heavy.
They put mirror in the car.
I hug Kim.
End of story. 

So we are jammy and lucky. Thank you cafe pixies. 

Before all this late night excitement I met both the Exeter Cathedral Volunteer Coordinator and the facilitator of the Exeter Women's network. Both were very positive meetings and very interesting. I learnt a lot from them both and I am looking forward to collaborating in the future. 
Lisa demonstrating mono-printing
at her class in Uffculme

And I met with Lisa Purchase when she gave me the details of her Contemporary Craft Workshops. Lisa is running three courses this term. Here are the details:

Contemporary Craft Workshops: Printing 
Tuesdays 10am-12noon
start date: 11th October 2010
4 week course
£40 for the course

Contemporary Craft Workshops: Paper 
Tuesdays 10am-12noon
start date: 8th November 2010
4 week course
£40 for the course

Contemporary Craft Workshops: Christmas
Tuesdays 10am-12noon
start date: 6th December 2010
2 week course
£20 for the course

Lisa's Uffculme group making mosaics
Lisa is an amazing teacher and it is a joy to be in her classes. I first met Lisa when she came to offer classes at our last centre in Cullompton. I have been going to Lisa's classes for over a year and I am at my happiest when creating something under her instruction. I am so excited that she is teaching at The Hub on the Green. You see we really are lucky. 

If you would like any more information or would like to book a place on any of the Contemporary Craft Workshops please phone Lisa on 01884 849 259.

Lisa helping the littler ones with their boats

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  1. Joey that is amazing about the mirror ... I can just picture the whole event :0) xx