Friday, 16 September 2011

Loving the Social-Networking

Social Networking: FaceBook is amazing. I know a lot of people love it and because of negative press a lot of people loathe it but it really works for us at the Hub. It is a great way to keep in touch and let people know what we are up to. Two people have booked onto Nikkie's Yoga Babies course already and I know that from FaceBook. My mum reads the blog and rings me to tell me that she would like a place on Lisa Purchase's art course (I said that I have already booked her on! Maybe I should have asked her first.). Social networking works for us. But it is important for us to reach the people who aren't online or on FaceBook as well. If you know a place that your mum, or your brother, or your friend or your dog reads or looks up information please let me know (leave a comment below). It might seem an obvious place to you but we are all different and all do different things and it might not be obvious to me. Best to hear things twice than not at all. 

Dresser? I am on a dresser hunt for the hub. If anyone finds one on their travels that needs a good home, I would love to hear about it. 

I had some great visitors today. Margaret and Brian from Kent and then Shanne who is a Red Coat guide as well as a member of the University of the Third Age. We are going to talk further when she is not rushing for a train. 

Rosie came by and Rosie drew me a special picture of her mummy Becca to put on the blog so here it is...

Kimbow's Kitsch Crafting on Fridays - New News...
I met with Kim today who is known in the craft world as KimBows. She is a design graduate and as of October 14th she will be running 90 minute Kitsch Crafting sessions on Fridays between noon and 1:30pm (which is our pop-up cafe time) at the hub. There will be eight places available on each session and a different activity each week. So you can arrive empty-handed and leave with a handmade creation all of your very own. I am really excited about Kim's sessions and looking forward to seeing what she creates with people at The Hub. More details to follow. 

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