Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Hand Dryer and a Bucket

Oooh it was windy today. Thank goodness for door stops that stop the heavy doors closing unexpectedly on visitors but the hub was still snuggly (or as I put on the the large blackboard yesterday "the hug is still snuggly" and I wondered why the visitor numbers suddenly dipped). 

Today I met a drama therapist. I think I would like drama therapy. I had never heard of it before, not the two words put together, but I like it. The drama therapist was proof that the Exeter grapevine is working well! Hurray for that!

I had the electrician in today. He was fitting gadgets for the clever loo and a hand dryer but not actually the loo. So we have an en suite bucket and a hand dryer but that is progress. I held my own whilst talking sockets, fixtures and fittings although I did have to ask him to talk in plain English at one point. Now where do we put the trunking? Above or below the olive workshop?

We have a blind specialist coming on Friday to see what they can do to ensure privacy for our patients as the prying eyes of the penthouse suite-ies in the new Princesshay must be kept out of our practitioner rooms. They do all sorts these days. Did you know you can get upside down blinds that open from the top? Australian blinds!

I also made a link with The Craft Hub who do great things in the Exeter area and Exeter Community Initiatives too. I'm looking forward to meeting both groups in the coming days.

Sharon's creations
And while I was doing my thing, Sharon was doing hers. She has been glued (maybe stitched) to her sewing machine and busy making themed ranges to sell at the next craft sale. 

Sharon's themed goodies

If you need any presents in the coming months Sharon, Rach and Lisa will have something for the whole family at our next Craft fair. My Lottie was given one of Rach's sock creatures. She's called Lola and she is part of the family now. My mum has requested a bit of time off from running the cake stall on the day to start her Christmas shopping (on Saturday 1st October). 'Our Arty Ones' have been working really hard to get their goodies ready for the fair and I can't wait to see what they have created. 

I may be repeating myself (skip to next paragraph if I am)...the craft activity at October's fair will be to decorate your own canvas bag. So for £2.50 we will give you all the equipment you need to get decorating. Then you take it home, iron it (we will give you clear instructions on the day) and you have a washable bag all of your very own. Now that is a bargain! Kim suggested making a bag to collect trick or treat goodies in; Lottie suggested a book bag for school and I think it a great opportunity to make a present for those 'I have everything I need' people. 

So pop the date in your diary and come and join in the fun. We will be using special fabric felt tips (or felt tips for fabric) so your bags will be able to go home with you straight away. The hardest bit will be choosing whether to have long or short handles on your bag. Decisions decisions!

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