Friday, 23 September 2011

"No immediate need for a wedding dress but could we have some blinds?"

Wow - what a day!
The blind-fitting lady came late which meant she arrived at the same time as Kim - which meant I kept Kim waiting. I don't like keeping people waiting. It is rude and it makes me multi-task which I am hopeless at and therefore it makes me anxious. I think I have carried that chaotic start of the day with me all day. With hindsight I should have said to the blind-fitting lady, “You are late and I am now busy.” The day would have turned out quite differently. Lesson learnt. 
Kim is lovely. Very calming and gentle. I needed that sort of company. We were having a run-through of her kitsch crafting activity to make sure we had everything we needed. It was great. I learnt so much and came away with my own lavender heart (made with lavender loving dried by Emily  who I now owe for two packets). I am so proud of it. So proud of it, in fact, that I have insisted on showing it to everyone from Sarah, the couture wedding dress designer who works upstairs to Mosaicky Margaret’s friends who popped in to see the ceiling. 

If you are interested in coming to Kimbows' Kitsch Crafting Session from 12noon-1:30pm on Friday 14th October please let me know. 
I took Kim up to see Sarah’s wedding dresses and met the card designer/craft teacher who works upstairs. Sarah gave us her satin and silk offcuts and I mentioned the blind fiasco. She’s offered to make blinds for us - how amazing is that? So she is going to look at some fabrics and let us know. 

Rob from Magic Carpet popped in. Another fabulous organisation that I am really keen to have a the hub. They have plans for us so we shall see. 

Then Rach popped in. She is doing so well at the moment as 'Little Stitch' and still finding time to put posters up all over Exeter to advertise our craft and cake fair. Thank you Rach. 

I am rushing off to see Mr Stink now so this is hasty blog...

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