Wednesday, 7 September 2011

We have a New House

It's been a crazy day. Poor Rachael popped in just before Heidi arrived. I had time to make her a cuppa but she had no time to drink it. With hindsight I could have given her a takeaway cup but instead I drank it. Not good, is it?

Heidi and I made plans. Heidi has created a wonderful course (that might not be the right term. Sessions?) called Bonjour Tonton. Tonton in a tortoise and he has a friend who is a shark and it is a wonderful mix of drama, music and fun all in French. If I manage to get myself on the course, I may well be holidaying in France before the year is out. It'll be about my level as they are fun sessions for preschoolers. I have a feeling a preschooler may be a stipulation so if anyone can lend me an under 5 once a week for 45 minutes, that would be great. 

Then Sarah Hewlett arrived with her delivery. It sounds like everyone should, at least once in their lives, wheel a dolls' house across the Cathedral Green. It raised a smile from a few passers by. 

This dolls’ house was made for Sarah when she was a child so it has been loved and played with and I am sure will bring a lot of pleasure and fun to people. Some people get the idea straightaway. It’ll be fun doing it up, people will make things for it and it will be a team effort. Something we can all share and enjoy. Whereas some people are puzzled as to why we have a dolls’ house at the hub. Well to those people I say, ‘You’ll see, soon enough!” 

After a quick whizz over to the other office to drop posters about this Saturday's craft event with Jenny, I came back to make Michael a cup of coffee "How did you manage to get a place like this?". And my response, "Cafe Pixies, they still look after us!". And they do.

A lady called (and I might get this wrong and I gave her the blog address so please correct me if I am)... Evette came in and it sounds like she might come and join the party. She had a real buzz about her. I like that. 

Osteopath Chris came by to show the centre to his other half and I met the amazing wedding dress designer from the same building and she took me upstairs and showed me her place. It has one room with four mannequins displaying stunning dresses and the walls are covered with photos of brides in stunning designs plus sketches and publications and then there is a second room where she has a huge table and all her books along one wall. She has a rail of gowns and it's got a such lovely feel to it. This is where she makes all the dresses. The tour started when I asked if she had any offcuts. It turns out she does - all beautiful pieces of satin and silk. She is going to give them to us for our groups to use. Fabulous. 

And then it was off to collect Lottie. Felicity challenged me in the playground to sum up what we are doing at the hub in a couple of sentences. I couldn't do it so I said that seeing is believing and invited her to pop by. It's line stolen from some previous encounters but true all the same. 

Then Lottie found the dolls' house...
...mum came over to do some origami and Gilly Haysom from Upstream came by. She had had a busy day and needed a cup of coffee but I must have tripped a switch somehow as I couldn't get any of the plugs to work. Humph!

I am now at Lottie's swimming lesson in the changing rooms and can blog from here (in fact from anywhere) as clever Simon gave me his dongle. Tomorrow I am off to meet Jan, Liz and Jacquie to talk knitting and crochet plans and to catch up as it's been way too long. 

This is a bit rushed so I will tweak it post fish & chips ...when I am not surrounded by naked ladies!

Update - this hub thing is starting to work...Gilly is interested in Jane's 'Coping With Teenagers' course, Rachael has donated a lots of tiles which I am taking to Lisa for her art courses, Rachael has also roped in two friends to bake on Friday for the cake sale,  Em has posted on her Facebook page all about the event of Saturday and Em knows a lot of people and Barry has emailed to say that we will have electricity soon...we are doing really well :) Thank you everyone

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