Friday, 30 September 2011

...taste like Mary Berry!

For those of you who followed the troll story..."I look like Mary Berry, I smell like Mary Berry, I expect I taste like Mary Berry!" Today I have had my very own Great British Bake Off and as the only entrant, I am very proud to tell you I won. I have made cherry flapjack, cranberry and seed flapjack, chocolate chip and vanilla marble cake, 2x coffee and walnut cakes and 2x raspberry and almond cakes. I took a break in the middle to drive to Dorchester and back which was handy as I needed to pop into Pipers and get some eggs as we ran out! It's been a busy evening but I am running on adrenaline as I am really excited about tomorrow. The hub looks great. It just gets better. Tomorrow I will be running on cake! In fact today I was running on cake as Rach (who did a drop off of her sock creatures to a shop in Ashburton) discovered their fabulous bakery and brought me back a lemon tart.  It was VERY good. 

Early this evening I also met with Sheila who is a 'Margaret Morris Movement' teacher. It sounds really interesting and made perfect sense to me. Sheila is planning to start a course at the hub in the new year. If you would like to come to her taster session in January and would like me to get in touch with you nearer the time with the details either ring or email me your contact details and I will put you on the taster list. 

The 'Phew Moment' of the day was a conversation with Dave who is now fitting our dispensary. It means that Dean (who was going to do it as a favour on his precious weekend) has been given his Sunday back. It is so lovely that people offer help as we sure need it!

Do please pop in tomorrow. The more the merrier! The Craft & Cake Fair will be open from 10:30am-4:30pm tomorrow. There is a comment box by the door and I would love to hear your thoughts about the fair, the hub - in face any ideas you have...

See you tomorrow!

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