Thursday, 8 September 2011

Photos of Today - Updated

It's been a crazy day and so today I am going to post photos and tomorrow I will explain them...

Updated (9th September)

Jacquie, Liz and Jan are very special ladies and very talented ladies. I asked them all to meet with me as I wanted to talk about knitting/crocheting for the hub. We met at Jacquie's beautiful home after an exciting journey which included losing Liz. Liz, if you are reading this I cannot apologise enough for not meeting you at the surgery. You see we went to Liz's home...well we went to the general area and asked around but that's the magic of Cullompton, people know people so we found her house but no Liz. I must listen more carefully when making plans. Lesson learnt. 

Jacquie has a shepherd's hut in the corner of her lawn with a terrific view. This is one of her magic little knitting spots. 

Jacquie's blankets (above) and Liz's beautiful bears (below). I was told to adjust their ears before taking the photo. These aren't just bears, they are REAL bears. They have characters and liked to be well looked after. Aren't they fabulous?

Jacquie makes terrific tea cosies. She doesn't use a pattern she knits and knits and creates wonderful things.

Then Jacquie gave us all a gift. She gave us two mice each. Now these mice have a story... Jacquie gave four of her knitted mice to our cafe. We loved them and named them and then, when the cafe closed, we gave them to Jan. Jan is a magnet for creatures. She also has custody of our guinea pigs and some else's rabbit and the four knitted mice. Or at least she DID have the mice until the Duchess of Cornwall visited and rather fell in love with them. So of course, the Duchess was given them and in return she sent a generous donation to a charity chosen by the knitters. But the Duchess had five grandchildren and only had four mice, that is until Jacquie sent Her Royal Highness three more. I guess one each for Their Royal Highnesses too. So Jan lost her family of mice. But the tale ends well as the lovely Jacquie knitted two mice for Jan and two for me. Mine are guardians of the mantlepiece at the hub and are already much admired. They also had a trip to the playground where they were named by Fin and Felicity. 
Murry and Mabel
Jan's mice
Jan made this wonderful duck which has a good home in one of her daughter's beds. 

Then in the evening Lottie and I put up the Rate My Doodle display where anyone can create a postcard (supplied by us) and display it to be sold to raise funds. I will add photos of all the postcards to Rate My Doodle website for people to leave comments. 

Liz got busy for Rate My Doodle

But to put up Sharon's display I had to get up the ladder. It doesn't look high from here but it certainly felt it. If you look up, you find you are a little too close to the ceiling figures who seem friendly from the ground. That lion has big teeth!

Lottie's origami stall
And Rachael came by to set up. Below is a photo of Lottie and Rach in front of her stall. Her company is called Little Stitch. She has a magic touch and touched up the other stalls for me. Thank you Rach.  
Rachael and Lottie


  1. Wow, it all looks the knitted toys...and what a high ladder, my knees would've been knocking! See you Saturday! Love becs x