Saturday, 3 September 2011

Manners Cost Nothing

I am going to take Lottie into B&Q and get her demonstrate good customer service because no matter what those adverts say I wasn't feeling much love at the kitchens and bathrooms counter this afternoon. And it's a bit irritating to see the woman fussing over a couple behind me minutes later. But I have a plan...I will take my own little helper with me...Dean, let me know when you are free! I need you. Kitchen fittings are still not my thing.

I have roped another helper into the Craft & Cake Saturday. He thinks he's coming to eat cake but we'll have Steve King running a stall by the end. I skidded to a stop when I saw him in Southernhay today. He is another gem who will always help where he can. He used to spend hours helping me write my blackboards in the cafe. He was my first ever customer (he arrived the day before we opened) and he was one of our best. I was saying what a problem I was having with my printer (see below). I usually refill the cartridges with no problem but it won't print properly today. When we met my hands were covered with blue ink. He just emailed 4 hours later and said, "I do hope you are not using all your blue ink printing the posters. Because...just buy blue paper." Genius! Now why didn't I think of that?!
Trying to make the printer work :(
This morning I went to Exeter's flea market. It was fab. So many goodies, edible and otherwise. I went because Rachael had a stall there. She is a seriously clever bunny. Lots of people to talk to and Rachael put up a sign about the hub's craft event and that got people talking. I was allowed to mind her stall for a bit but didn't sell a sausage.

Rachael's Stall (or some of it - the bags are stage left)
Then it was off to Catherine's. She was having a Phoenix coffee morning. Great coffee and lovely people. I had a very long chat with an 8 year old about Krispy Kreme donuts. Now Dean, if you are reading this, that's a topic I am comfortable with. 

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