Wednesday, 28 September 2011

The Ups and Downs of Wednesday

Rachel’s Abbie greeted me in the playground with, “We found Alan under the fridge!” Alan is their gerbil and by 8:15am Alan and his cage-mate had been captured. Poor Rach. I think there is something in the air today as it started in a mildly chaotic way for a few of us and it continued like that...

  • The plumber arrived to fit the wrong sort of sink in the wrong place and two wrongs don’t make a right!
  • The sink can’t go where we wanted as it would block the alarm system and the fuse box.
  • The plumber set off the fire alarm and noone knew how to turn it off - everyone went out for an early lunch and I was left with a noisy building and a slightly embarrassed plumber. 
  • I was out buying a cherry and almond tart as my first appointment arrived (how could it be 11am already?)
  • Removing a cupboard in my en suite loo means new flooring is needed (Simon if this is the first time you are reading this - we need to talk flooring)
  • Sarah arrived with her screen at the same time Anne Overzee who arrived at the same time as the lovely visitors from The Exeter Institute. People are like buses. And I would have like to have spent time with them all but it didn't quite work out like that.
  • And it’s hard to fit a kitchen sink when it hasn’t been delivered yet
But there are highs too...

  • We have water in the dispensary (picture to follow...I bet you can't wait!)
  • We have new prizes for the jam jar tom bola (spooky picture to follow)
  • Sarah delivered the screen for the office (another photo to follow)
  • We have put up Simon’s Spice of the Month display (photo number four on it's way)
  • We have more people interested in selling at our craft fair (and running classes too)
  • We have Tai Chi taster sessions in the pipeline.
  • The chip and pin machine is one step closer to being sorted (not a highlight but important none the less)
  • There wasn’t an actual fire and the cherry and almond tart was excellent
  • Anne and Tai Chi Sue were lovely visitors
  • We have figured out how to fit the units AND get access to fuse and security boxes
  • I remembered to deliver the chocolate chips to Rach for her massive crispy cake making session for Saturday
  • I took an order from Josephine for one of our chocolate cakes from the cafe days (the chocolate cake won't be from the cafe days, the recipe will)
  • Zoe’s promised us cake and Becky is making her family biscuits for the fair
  • The bags arrived for the bag decorating craft activity on Saturday so we don't have to draw on the tables - hurray
UPDATE: you can probably tell that I was writing my blog today in a slightly uncomfortable state. I was watching Lottie in the pool (actually not watching her as I was writing my blog...bad mother!) and it was hot hot hot and I was hungry hungry hungry. Sometimes only a Pipers Farm pie will hit the spot (and we had it with baked beans and tomato ketchup as we were feeling rebellious but don't tell Pipers that). 

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